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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  July 5, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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again second big question i spent weeks traveling meeting military chemists going to live bora tori's learning about the nova chalk's it's a group of different nerve agents sixty odd of them over chalk arrives he's the k. quickly so if the substance is left out in the open it decays. warts and loses its toxicity if it isn't a huge pile but the third and perhaps biggest question how have these two survived so far. we can tell you. fellows in minutes if it gets in the skin symptoms and can say from minutes to. these is one of the dead years substances in the world look one drop of a new virtual in liquid form is enough to kill ten average weight men and now you have these two who were found untreated hours after being exposed so far
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it's all muddled baffling and downright bewildering when we talk we talk to a former u.n. chemical weapons advisor about the specifics of the incident. well when we talk about continuation how effective it was we actually fall into the trail of. idea that was thrown in in the u.k. mass media that there was a problem of continuation but let me tell you these. compound chemical is a prosperous compiled. i can't imagine how. prosperous compounds led. to such structures. could still environment for four months to be a fact if you imagine that some british citizens found
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a container opened it and drowned people something this is a terroristic act. it was conducted years british citizens. i can't imagine that was done by secondary continuation this is to my understanding is a chemical weapon expert. i can imagine a scenario with the second year of contamination. now there was a second night of violent protests in the french city of nantes on wednesday over the death of a twenty two year old man shot by police protesters clashed with officers throwing molotov cocktails and started fires too in several districts police say that the young man refused to comply with the orders and had reversed his vehicle into an officer while trying to avoid an identity check on tuesday reese previously known to authorities and an investigation is under way more details now from r.t. france correspondent jonathan more of their.
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career deserve more didn't have. question is took place in this neighborhood. just hundreds of meters away from the place where that young twenty two year old man was killed trying to escape a police check there were clashes with some young people wearing balaclavas who went out on the streets to throw various objects of law enforcement but locals who went out on their balconies or just open their windows they too were throwing all kinds of things at them but we even saw potatoes in peace tossed at officers who retaliated with flash bangs and tear gas these trash bins were set on fire by youth police are trying to retake the neighborhood bit by bit to calm things down but the atmosphere remains highly taps and unfortunately law enforcement expect even more
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violence. a group of music fans may have unwittingly developed a way to evade facial recognition tools frequently used in police surveillance the so-called juggalos of fans of the hip hop insane clown posse who are known for sporting elaborate style of facial make up but now a take researcher has claimed that the face paint could potentially disrupt the algorithms used by facial recognition software here's how he explains it we should recognition that. i'm looking for a few different teachers usually the big nose. around this make up actually kind of places the jar limassol the few other large features which makes it very difficult to magic to a regular basis most of the techniques to avoid those full recognition ime are so are generally drastic issue obviously asians are to master a new thing which completely hides the base is going to be most of that i don't think that these technologies to avoid social recognition will be used. for this
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kind of science has come under fire before from rights groups who say it is being used by the authorities not only to catch criminals but also to spy on law abiding citizens. i think that fusion recognition technology has some very useful applications especially for rainforest men but i could potentially be used maliciously such as we not sort of hospitals to sell this information was there to insurance companies or other things which might be more morally questionable i think they're absolutely consequences to how obviously recognition technology is being used it's important to make sure that we still continue to develop and understand this technology but people should be aware of how this data is being gathered what excuse for and potentially how to avoid it it may be better to limit the sort of online exposure you have in social media even if you can't about people who are recognizing your face you can limit what they can do with that information . now iran has threatened to block the strait of hormuz a major cv cheese for twenty percent of the world's oil exports it is in response
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to washington's threat to stop iran from exporting its own oil and also comes after the u.s. state department said it intended to reduce iran's oil revenues to zero. our goal with respect to the energy sanctions our goal is to increase pressure on the iranian regime by reducing to zero its revenue from crude oil sales. when they see they will not allow iran's oil to be exported it means that the oil of the entire region will not be exported how is it possible that iran's oil can be exported but the rest of the regions can have them and it seems they don't understand what they are saying when they say iran will not be allowed to export even a drop of oil ok if they can do it then do it and see the result. and as a result there have been calls to from iran's revolutionary guard to block the strait of hormuz used by gulf countries for exports the strait is controlled by iran to
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the north and then by a man in the south the us navy has already reacted by saying it is willing to provide security for trade in the region we are steve kane a professor of economics at kingston university whether the conflict could escalate . this particular incident of trouble trying to control the oil process i think is really the beginning of the kyles of having a madman in control of a complex system so i think all bets are on if he's trying to control the oil cross and push it down at the same time as trying to push stock markets up and boost the economy all in one time it's like watching somebody trying to juggle thirty seven flights at once when they only now do it off one there's every possibility that he will enforce a blockade which iran will have to respond to and yes i think conflict is quite feasible because oil prices are going to ra's anyway given the pressure of demand with a recovering global economy process will rot as well regardless of watch iran does
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and trump will then respond to the ring creation process by blaming iran. not seeing rational behavior here we're not saying logical thought thing applauds so i think it's just going to delete and evidently to some form of conflict just coming up to twenty past eleven meeting here in moscow we're going to take a quick break we'll be back with more nice to me. would hope to do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to listen. to going to press this is one of the four three in the morning. i'm interested in the ones in that. city. if i. could be
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a mariachi. cyber crime i. think it would be one of the best but i never saw or heard before today. there's something about this margaret. that i'm going to how can i. not know that that i'm not out of the mind of the money that is when i let examine. this was a good time to. try to move. close on that i was definitely not for nor against our stock or all people we believe here. oh
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my kids i don't want them up with johnny what are the other moment on account of mother having a little accuser is it a little odd i'm a little white community will be looking at the people i don't want to put out a look to my. mother brother. welcome back now we are just ten days would you believe away from knowing the champions of the twenty eight hundred thirty four world cup with eight nations left battling for a place in the final ati's daniel hawkins a nice rally have got you covered for the crunch quarterfinal match is. one of the. very we'll. well top twenty eight hundred studio just outside the home
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of his museum in russia's northern capital st petersburg with the last sixteen stage now complete anticipation is already building for the quarter final stage starting friday this year of why france clash and then belgium against brazil never called to get the biggest game for people here of course russia. with the england sweden game also taking place on the same day as well promises to be a real football fest over the coming days over here bring you the latest first game kicking off the quarterfinals. against france at second place in. place it seems like even the match time yeah absolutely can be looking for that star striker luis luis suarez. volley as well i'm out of the match there two goals that save them. yeah sure defeat. of course has three of the top expensive players in the world one of them forwards a lot of talk to him about you know kind of justifies reputation as the world's
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hottest young talent cup with the process i think that's something he's coped with very well with those two goals in the seven goals for that we saw in sochi yeah and in particular the quality awful position in argentina. perhaps disappointing in the tournament that many people find see them of course with their star players and he really stepped up and shone on the big stage and of course out fans are the main player the twelfth man in this forum i played a massive part in driving the team forward as well the you. was. a. big game coming up on friday as well brazil taking on belgium and that's a city on the volga river about. hundred kilometers east of moscow top names there
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of course belgium like. now when it comes to brazil of course you have to look at their history and their tradition in this tournament there's no doubt that they can go all the way and you know they're still a favorite thing especially now what germany spain portugal argentina all the teams south of the favorites before i think brazil were you know pretty much the top spot though this as well as they still remain as they always are out there brazil the beginning in some pretty much training with. a player stealing the limelight this time the sports star player neymar he walked his son along for training he showed that he could be following in his dad's footsteps one day perhaps sooner than we might think of course complete with the diving attachment so maybe not but hopefully i hopefully he'll be a little bit more of a fair player from the very start of the world cup the atmosphere has been amazing and the fans have been taken through all the ups and downs whole spectrum of emotions here is a petersburg and moscow all over the country in fact eleven cities yet and you know there have been fans who travel other countries coming to russia in order to
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support the host nation and i actually managed to do in a couple of them to get a fantastic unique view of st petersburg. st petersburg it's arguably one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in all of russia it's considered the capital of the north of the country and one photographer is offering people the opportunity to take in the stunning views the unique style by having photo shoots and the tour here on the rooftops. and i wouldn't because i prefer. small size but so much just kind of going from not just when i do some that pressure. nice side to go in which such as you've taken your snaps which then you can go to those students so much so what are. some of the shirts so user to go to you could use to you you can. no not shutting down i you
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know i mean so when you're a board member. so guys just to the silver what do you think about this bill kind of tour it's amazing i mean if you look around the so many classy buildings all over the place and it's it's a really beautiful city you can see to cities bustling with the markets and everything because what do you think about the tournament itself the football that crazy i mean it's such an open tournament the sun there's no clear favorite or we're both rooting for a shot asli i mean we're in the stadium where they play spain it was was just crazy so i suppose before in england in particular there's been a lot of scaremongering and now back home and a lot of our fans i agree with the government and with the media because they say you told us it was going to be this and yeah no actually i think you have to come here we have such a sort of cliche view about russia and the russian people when you hear. what a wonderful country first of all it is and how nice and great the russian people are by i would say the world cup just adds to it because there's always plenty of people around to know everyone from the world uniting through the football so it is just a great atmosphere. so many people coming from all over the wild partying
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in the streets drinking dot sing singing. it's been a fantastic atmosphere so far as now looks like it's just getting started almost i've not been here in st petersburg for the majority of the tournament i was in moscow for a bit and it's been amazing it's been an education to learn about the city its history the beauty of the buildings the people here are very friendly and open minded and it's been wonderful to be based up this so i think all those tourists who are coming in learning all about myself really do know taking a lot of russians culture and history so it's been it's been an education you know if you come up now it definitely doesn't compare to your visa visa pipework started now with the composition funding on i caught up with my city get out loans a russian opera singer out on a bus enough for up the world cup in that st petersburg we got things off on a bit of a high note and we think. it was the world cup was a fantastic festival for russia fantastic. event for some petersburg what does it
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mean to you to be the ambassador for the city i mean you put a summit at the head but you have no i did this is such an honor to represent our beautiful city hospital a great country at this feast of sports but i feel a world cup football and i'm really proud and happy to be a part of it all this time of day that's really what i take it you're obviously supporting a russia to go as far as they can but in terms of the other teams is there anybody perhaps that you watch what some closely some of the favorites perhaps that you want to to see do well as well as i see of course i support russia but i'm rooting for football in general because of it passion and what is now happening in our country is absolutely amazing when we are reaching for the beautiful game but the stuff we are rooting for all these wonderful team has that came to russia i mean want to say thank you for all of this. and do you think people's expectations of me justified for this the full festival a lot of media perhaps reporting that maybe problems of all sorts with the organization without putting in russia how they've been proven right or of things
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gone very much to plan we need to start a team i've talked to many fan myself and you won't believe it less people are amazed by our country because people here are really friendly you know fans were expecting it to be freezing cold all of that with all these dos and bad as you know if that this is a wonderful country with wonderful people exist have a car see the russian people are really welcoming you boy so don't be afraid to come to russia and see it for yourself think that used. to do this and if not i was with the decent of so they could you. give me some piece of work at the voice of the music i missed you know i should back you know it's you when you're that i. was not of god and i was god almost you saw a little odd solo started going off was you know i. saw you know you saw those. you almost on. oh so. you're not. you know. just
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fine you a little sluggish although you. soon or somebody. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics school i'm showbusiness. the democratic party is in big trouble the party has not come to terms with the outcome of the two thousand and sixteen election they have a leadership out of touch with its base millennial our fleet so is their slogan now no party like men.
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this is the coaxes bizarre neighborhood in bangladesh just recently this land was a rain forest but now there are refugee camps. elephants are a problem they attack refugees either out of rage or fear they can find their ancient my great tree roots among the sea of tents. in the last twelve months twelve men have been trampled to death by elephants however the elephants will have to retreat to outnumber by about nine hundred thousand refugees in the coxes bazaar camps around six hundred thirty people have migrated here from my own ma in the last two years alone.
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and. noted that i've been mad it be that hard to not enough are bonded about it or. aware about it i've gotten out of it i've been a bit of a go there of what it. is that i demand and i am glad that i planned it that i. am i want the little bit of that it will be under a big big. mother that would also doesn't want a. lot of the other. to know that
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the rainy season is coming on. refugees tense will be washed away by much flood unless they're resettled closer to the jungle and bank to my and i don't. want to. start out of by them again not a lot i want to get a little young. blonde on one of those thought i thought i was a little monitor them i don't want to go out to. the world now knows about the massacre in russian state in the village of tula totally moans i beg them is only thirty but she already feels like an almost woman her body is scarred with the sun world in the sky how she and her daughter the only survivor among three children managed to reach bangladesh even she has self-content
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a standard would love been litigated in a book but then did a lot of the take what on earth would it of. put in there wait a minute it will lobo to the moon the minute i did would it go to what i then would your motto on i want i want a boy i should out of the bottle what are you going out on a thought you know i don't like get one call on it on a thought oh they love me they let me go along it in the model sort of the booze yes you got a good ear good out the bad i'm found out a little bit but i know if i would remain i did what i knew not what i am out of but i'm up and i mean that i move in with not a mighty one i. bought a boat and i'll see dougherty phonic of the mother of eight i'm well but i declare in the heart on a melody well that i get more that i had yet i bet on that when i got to got what about a thousand eight hundred more i was kind of got the plan i got because then i got clipped by them and up my own my head a lot i got them all out of town a town and out the front i am got a. horrible scar the ira photo and i wonder what i did whatever the fuck they want
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to at the but i was a good washer. someone on my shoulder when i thought of what i did when i asked. about a bottle subtle budget that would do the whole of my developing. auditing with the i'm going to mother. you know this will not only i love the hunger how to fill out a hug and all of whom got the i will have it and the why did the one of the guy i don't know would want to bother when i was alone again. and that on monday i would want to know and i wouldn't wanna bother. you one thought of. completive. that on one of the local. phones i would want to hear more of them by jove. part of a. lot of them on the long run what if.
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they've all been to get. off to the. likes of me. when i was little to. do with. them but i think a lot of them longingly. side to side of the aisle the washing dishes. just like did she get bored and something but has to have that. very man to. be crossed the border. she was made to suffer clinic in could develop a bottle of my kids i don't want the. bottom of the. nozzle of the little boy. doesn't recognize the role
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hinge of genocide or even wrote in jazz in this city the word itself is under a tacit ban here simply muslims or terrorists. trying to arrange an interview with the sun sochi the state council of milan ma a nobel peace prize laureate. in reply to our interview request we received an invitation to join the media. and even though we understood we just had the official position of the authorities it was the only way to film at least something in rocky and stayed close to journalists spanked then. you know. the other countries. where gold of friendship brit's so the return of wealth comes from
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various. the official line is that the attacks against muslim villages were an anti terrorist operation in response to the attack. on. the. family. in all this twenty seventeen in just one day killed ninety nine hindus and buddhists in russian state in retaliate. carried out an ethnic cleansing operation they wiped out row hinge of villages forcing people to flee to bangladesh.
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used to be separate. you had vote was slums and buddhist living day that kingdom up for a kind was conquered by the burman kingdom the boundaries got redrawn pago there a kind came down became pago bangladesh and the idea became out of nam mom off independence the constitution said all people within the boundary all. citizens so you could claim that their own way and them on became citizens. on the way some of them is for this president it wasn't mine mom back then had to flee the country with his family it was after the military coup and the death of his father in prison under unclear circumstances. before the coup. we were on top of the. presidents family
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ruling. after the cool people were scared to talk to us in case the military came for them as well. and didn't think i would get involved in politics again when he people of burma started demonstrating against the military in one nine hundred eighty eight i decided i should get involved at that time outside the city also rose to prominence i worked with husband to try to free her and i support attire for the last twenty that he is. when she was sure elise from. house arrest and i was invited back into the country she. was too busy to meet with me to see. how destructive to yesterday on capitol hill. today.
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and to take. i was the middleman i was trying to bring different groups and the government together we are supporting the. mirrors on offices of ten different armies and may sound funny but in myanmar that at least twenty one different fighting the government when there is a clash the liaison officers are the ones who will intervene right away to make sure that the unintended tasha's do not become big battles so in that way we are helping to keep that however in twenty seventeen in the way it wasn't allowed to intervene in the row hinges situation his visa was revoked without any explanations given returning to the mayan media on those rare occasions when we were.


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